The more I work with Spring Boot, the more I'm impressed with it. I'm an old school Spring developer, where I'm accustomed to having to wire everything up myself. All this stuff was becoming generic and mundane to do. That's why years ago I gravitated towards Grails. You could start a project and go. You didn't need to add Hibernate, you didn't need to setup a database connection. You just started a project and this common stuff was just there.

This is how Spring Boot works. Common things are just there. I have a tutorial series on my blog about building a web application using Spring Boot. In this series of post, I show you how to use Spring Boot, with Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, H2, Spring MVC and Thymeleaf to build a basic CRUD type web application. In this series I take you through step by step on building a web application. I start by showing you how to use Spring Initializer to create a Spring Boot project, and then I lead you through the steps to create a web application. You can see the first part of the series here.