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For far too many developers, running an application in production is an after thought. In big enterprises, as a developer, you write an application and then turn it over to another team. Someone else promotes your code into QA and then the operations guys eventually take your code to production.

Out of sight, out of mind right?

Wrong. Not so much anymore. The age of DevOps has really brought developers and operations closer together.

If you're a developer, Spring Boot Actuator brings you a set of tools you want to be using to help people in operations monitor your application.

If you're in operations, Spring Boot Actuator is a set of tools you want your developers to enable in their Spring Boot projects.

Spring Boot Actuator is a set of tools for monitoring and managing Spring Boot Applications as they run in production.

As the industry moves towards microservices deployed in containers, automated monitoring becomes more and more important.

Out of the box Spring Boot Actuator provides a health endpoint which can easily be wired into container orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes or Open Shift, which can be used to trigger alerting or automated self-healing.

But Spring Boot Actuator is much more than just a simple health end point.

In this course you will learn:

  • About the available Spring Boot Actuator endpoints.
  • How you can write your own custom endpoints.
  • How to use Spring MVC to expose endpoints via HTTP.
  • About the out of the box health checks provided by Spring Boot Actuator.
  • How to write your own custom health check.
  • How to show Git commit information on the Information endpoint.
  • How to show build information on the Information endpoint.
  • How to see system health metrics (memory, cache hits, disk usage, etc)
  • How to add metrics to see your application activity (page views, or other custom actions)
  • How to change log levels at runtime to aid troubleshooting.

When things go wrong in production, wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what version of your code is running?

With Spring Boot Actuator, it's simple to add information from your Git checkin or your Jenkins CI build. Then, you can go to the information endpoint and know exactly what version of the code is running in production.

As you troubleshoot a problem, sometimes you need to see more detailed log output. If you're running in production, your logging levels are probably turned down to keep the logging overhead at a minimum.

What you need is a way to shell into your running application and change the log levels.

In this course, you will see exactly how you can shell into your running application to adjust the log levels.

If you're deploying Spring Boot applications in today's enterprise, Spring Boot Actuator is really a must have.

Your Instructor

John Thompson
John Thompson

Hi. I'm John.

I've been in the IT industry for over 20 years. Today, I specialize mainly in Java, the most successful and widely known programming language in use today. I also specialize with the Spring Framework, which is the most popular open source application framework for building enterprise class applications on the Java platform. Just some of the organizations I've worked with include Visa, Kohls, Federal Home Loan Bank, and Belk Department Stores.

Every day I get contacted by recruiters looking for people with Java skills, sometimes 5 to 6 times a day. These are often very good paying jobs, yet, there is a shortage of good people in software development. Positions paying $60 per hour are going unfilled because there are not enough people writing Java. These are positions I turn away, because the pay is well below my market rate.

Malcolm Gladwell claims it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. That's 5 years, 40 hours a week. I've certainly put in the time. I've had the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry. So, I can claim to be an expert.

Through the courses I'm providing, I hope to leverage my years of experience to accelerate your learning of the Spring Framework. I'm not going to lie to you: the Spring Framework is a big framework. The environment for enterprise Java is even bigger. If you're new to Java, you have a lot to learn. I hope through the content on this web site I can accelerate your education of the Java and Spring landscape.

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